A leftist heart

Within the framework of its documentary series "Alliance (s), couples of power", the magazine "13h15 le dimanche" tells the story of a couple of artists engaged during their thirty-seven years of common life: Yves Montand, son of an Italian immigrant, communist by family heritage… from which one cannot escape "unless you are a chair or a mollusk", he said. Simone Signoret, daughter of a translator of Polish Jewish origin who lived in Neuilly-sur-Seine.

These two worlds meet in 1949, when they fall madly in love with each other at the Auberge de La Colombe d´or in the heart of Saint-Paul-de-Vence, in Provence. "Companions of the road" of the French Communist Party, they fought together in the fifties at his side, without ever taking the card.

Comes the time of disillusionment, of disenchantment: the invasion of Budapest by Soviet tanks in 1956, the Prague Spring repressed in 1968 by Moscow… To expiate their youthful commitments, they will tour together in L'Aveu, directed by Costa -Gavras, a decidedly anti-Stalinist film.

Yves Montand continued in the eighties his ideological turn, presenting in particular political broadcasts on television, until thinking of being able to run for the presidential election of 1988. A portrait of this couple in love with the policy signed Aude Rouaux, Benjamine Jeunehomme and Gaël Pouvreau.



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