The FN temptation, Marine Le Pen's new voters

Ballot after ballot, French people of Muslim origin, single women, homosexuals, senior executives, teachers ... in short, categories of voters hitherto deemed very reluctant to the influence of the National Front succumb to the temptation to vote Marine Le Pen.

Many have already taken the plunge. Why do these French people turn their backs on traditional parties? What are they afraid of? Do they really dream of seeing Marine Le Pen move to the Elysée? This film offers to enter the minds of this astonishing new generation of Frontist voters. He draws up a finding that shivers down your spine.


Data sheet

Poster of The FN temptation, Marine Le Pen's new voters

Director : Olivier Toscer

Producers : Jean-Luc Millan & Jean-Louis Perez

Country of production : France

Year : 2017

Format : HD

Duration : 52’