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AFD - Xianju

300km south of Shanghai is the Xianju National Park. A small haven of greenery, history and traditions, it shows a rare image of China. How to protect and develop it without disfiguring it? The path to balance is difficult, it hangs by a thread ... Journey to the "middle country" in what one might call the "tradition of the new". A "Brut" type video presenting the Franco-Chinese cooperation project within the Xianju Natural Park (China).

Content combining aesthetics and integration of interviews with an official from the French Development Agency and a representative of French diplomacy in China. 0 1 Engaged in a 52-minute documentary project on the development and conservation of the biodiversity of the Xianju territory in China, we produced a short “Brut” type video for the French Development Agency with whom we collaborate closely on the subject. The aim of the project, carried out in conjunction with the environmental and development consultancy company “Oréade Breche”, is to establish a pilot national park in this territory for the rational use of resources and the efficient conservation of biodiversity. It follows specific objectives in order to ensure a high level of conservation and restoration of the biodiversity of the future national park and must allow the establishment of effective governance for the national park.

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