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Banque des territoires

Launched on May 30, 2018, the Banque des Territoires (Caisse des Dépôts Group) communicated that year on the promise of its brand. In 2019, she wanted to prove, in particular through a series of 104 videos produced throughout France (Metropolis + DROM COM) that the promise was kept.

The objectives were to promote regional achievements and to legitimize the promise of the Banque des Territoires via video content broadcast on media sites via partnerships (purchase of space).

Team set up :

Our entire network of correspondents in metropolitan France and in the French overseas departments and territories (More than 50 directors / JRI), 1 editorial pole (1 editorial manager + 1 journalist dedicated to editorial preparation), 1 production team (1 producer + 1 production manager + 1 production assistant), 1 editor, 1 sound engineer.

Data sheet

Poster of Banque des territoires

Reports : a series of 104 videos of 1'30 min produced in one year (2019) across the whole of France (mainland France and DROM COM)

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