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CNFPT – Portraits Métiers

The National Center for the Territorial Public Service (CNFPT) designs and provides training for all agents of the territorial public service. It also organizes competitions and professional A+ exams and ensures the observation and anticipation of the development of territorial professions. As some branches of the administration were concerned about insufficient applications, the CNFPT wanted to produce several portraits of professions such as Director General of Services, Territorial Administrator, Heritage or Library curator. These films were produced on several sites in France (Cahors, Nancy, Bobigny and Montgeron) and shed light on these professions, showing those who exercise them. For this series of portraits, a specific design has been created, respecting the CNFPT graphic charter. Finally, teasers were also produced in order to facilitate the CNFPT's communication on social networks and to promote the series.

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Poster of CNFPT – Portraits Métiers


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