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Communes Nouvelles - The silent revolution

Each year, more and more municipalities in the same territory come together to pool their resources ... and thus form a new municipality.

This notion is still relatively unknown to the general public. However, France has nearly 800 new municipalities today. This concerns more than two and a half million people living mainly in rural areas.

When they decide to form a new commune, local elected representatives join forces. The goal: to maintain and develop public services in their territory, to be more efficient in managing the daily lives of residents, and to have more influence in political decisions.

To better understand "the France of new municipalities", we travel across the country to meet local elected officials who have carried this project to their territory. A dive into the heart of a silent revolution.

A 12'30 mn film produced for the Association of Mayors of France (AMF) and the Banque des Territoires.

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Poster of Communes Nouvelles - The silent revolution

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Director : Philippe Fortin 

Reporters : Thomas Blanc, Julien Bossé, Nicolas Godtschalk, Nicolas Piollat, Thibault Castan

Editing : Marius Perrogon