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Present in 40 countries and relying on 12 subsidiaries abroad, the Maïsadour Semences brand became in 2018 "MAS Seeds" to better display its international ambitions and its desire to innovate. To materialize this change of visual identity and name, the brand needed an aesthetic and unifying film, highlighting values ​​such as cooperation and unity, to innovate, to develop worldwide and to grow. together.

The idea here is to show that regardless of location, farmers all over the world are affected by the same issues and that they can be brought together by other industry professionals such as MAS Seeds. Based on an original idea from the Publicis agency, we were asked to build a precise scenario, visually coherent and featuring 3 different individual universes.

We conducted the scouting of the sets, the preparation of the shoots and their complete execution. We post-produced the entire film and its effects (VFX / SFX).

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