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MATMUT Atlantique : A chacun son rêve

The family comes to discover exclusively the brand new Bordeaux stadium. This tribe of 4, mother, father and their two children get there by tram and walk towards the deserted stadium. On the way, everyone dreams of the spectacle they will find there: the boy imagines the Girondins placing themselves at the top of the league 1 table while his father dreams of a rugby "Top 14" final. The daughter would like to attend her first giant rock concert while her mother dreams of an outdoor opera staging. Together they go up the stairs to the passageway. Everyone's dream comes true with a flash shot : in turn, the father became a rugby player, the son a footballer, the rocker daughter, the mother singer. Then everyone is attracted by a different space of the stadium: the bleachers, the changing rooms, the boxes, the VIP lounges, the backstage, the lawn, etc. This individual stroll allows us to discover all the facets of the stadium in its most spectacular, the most emblematic, the most unusual aspects. Everyone is finally found in the stands, positioned opposite to the four sides (North South East West). Full day screens project images of what is expected in future meetings. A giant calico is deployed from the ceiling. The stadium lights up at sunset.

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