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Valrhona - Le meilleur du chocolat

Since 1922, Valrhona has been a pioneer and benchmark in the chocolate market. For this "showcase" film put forward by the brand as the opening video of its Youtube channel as well as on the homepage of the official site, Valrhona wanted to address above all its customers, that is to say to professionals of the gastronomy (chefs, chocolatiers, bakers-pastry chefs).

We were therefore asked to think about a narrative concept that would embody the “spirit” of the brand with the ultimate aspiration of becoming a “love brand”. Our 1 st analysis revealed the lack of human representation in the brand. Very well positioned on technique and know-how, it did not have enough emotional grip and did not allow identification. We therefore focused our proposal on a "manifesto" film featuring the values ​​of the brand through the journey of a man in his forties, representing their core target. These specific sequences were shot with an actor in Bordeaux.

The constraint of this production was to start from a corpus of images that we had previously taken to weave the narrative. The images of the plantations and the preparation of chocolate come from a project carried out for the Cité du Chocolat Valrhona de Tain - l ’Hermitage. The challenge was twofold: to build a story that works from a narrative point of view and to ensure a coherent aesthetic and pictorial continuity despite images coming from different sources. This film aims to convey the collaborative vision of chocolate and the values ​​of the Valrhona brand. Through the sharing of experiences around the world, we develop the idea of ​​dreams, of a world where we take our time, where trade is fair, where we strive for excellence. Messages delivered with aesthetics, faithful to the quality image of the Valrhona brand.

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