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Ambre Coiffure - Le salon voyageur

Ambre Dupont, an apprentice hairdresser, travels the planet in order to discover what hair reveals through traditions and trends.

“Ambre coiffure, le salon voyageur”: let’s discover what our hair reveals about our lives in this new documentary series. Short, long, curly, smooth, we make blanks or we cut them in four: the hair is as varied as the expressions it arouses in the French language. So why wouldn't it also be a key to discovering cultures and probing the souls of the whole world... This is Ambre's bet, who has challenged herself to travel the planet with a traveling salon.


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Poster of Ambre Coiffure - Le salon voyageur

Ambre Coiffure • Le salon voyageyr 4 x 52 min • Unpublished Realization Frederic Martin • Francois Guillaume Production Grand Angle Productions • Jean-Luc Millan With the participation of France Télévisions