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Brittany, a sacrified land

Poor and landlocked in 1945, Brittany is today the leading agro-food region in Europe. More than 1.5 million hectares of land are subjected to intensive agriculture. This sector is by far the biggest source of employment in the region.

But there is a flip side to the coin: pollution, work-related diseases, toxic discharges, deadly epidemics in animals. The human and environmental damage of this industry under steroid is considerable. And health scandals are increasing.

Directors Aude Rouaux and Marie Garreau de Labarre went to meet the associations, citizens and Breton farmers who make their voices heard. For many, it is an entire agricultural model that should be reassessed.



Data sheet

Poster of Brittany, a sacrified land

Directors : Aude ROUAUX et Marie GARREAU DE LABARRE

Producers : Grand Angle Productions 

With the participation of France Télévisions, du CNC, la Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Duration : 70’