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Engagés Pour La Planète

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Faced with climate change and its collateral damage, several options : renunciation, denial, ignorance Or action, turned towards the future. Ultramarine personalities invite you to discover initiatives undertaken to save our planet :

In Wallis and Futuna, Lomano Takasi introduces you to the Mariapolis association, which organizes collective collection sessions to reduce litter. Vincent Pelo makes us discover "The children of the lagoon", divers accompany and train them underwater to protect the lagoon reefs.

In New Caledonia, Vu Duc Minh Dack evokes the disappearance of the mangrove. To remedy this, the territory has launched a major mangrove replanting project, in collaboration with members of the different tribes. Yann Hnautra highlights the action of one of the tribal chiefs of Lifou, the customary nature reserve project aims to protect marine and terrestrial resources and educate young people to safeguard their natural heritage.

In French Polynesia, Michel Bourez presents the Coral Gardeners association. In Moorea, a coral cuttings farm invites you to adopt a coral to fight against the destruction of the Polynesian coral reef. Vaimiti Teiefitu invites us to Rimatara, in the Austral archipelago. The Rima’URa Association fights there against the proliferation of the black rat and the deforestation of the island to protect in particular the ura, a very fragile species.

In Mayotte, Nixo dives to meet sea turtles from the Mayotte lagoon. Poaching persists and threatens them, the Mahorais educate young people about their environment so that this scourge stops. M’toro presents a natural wastewater treatment plant, unique in the world.

In La Reunion, Pauline Hoarau explains agrenergy, the cohabitation between agriculture and solar energy. Wenceslas Lauret shows the action of those who fight against invasive plants brought in by humans, which destroy environments and local species. Vincent Box highlights the work of the Kelonia center, which treats turtles injured or sick from ingesting plastic.

In Guyana, Malia Metella introduces you to the Guyana dolphin, a little-known species that must also be preserved. Ricky Tribord exhibits the work of an English teacher.

In the West Indies, Lilian Thuram evokes the invasion of Caribbean beaches by toxic algae: Sargassum. He invites us to discover an initiative of young biology students.

In Martinique, Morgane Edvige reminds us that the Amerindians know the medicinal plants of their environment. Emmanuel Nossin, ethnobotanist, shares his knowledge of herbal medicine with Martiniquais during workshops. Jocelyne Béroard highlights the Asso-mer association, which fights against the pollution of the waters of the Caribbean.

In Guadeloupe, Allison Pineau presents the Tropical Evasion Association which works in the Cousteau Reserve. She observes the cetaceans and teaches how to approach marine mammals. Medhy Custos evokes the proliferation of lionfish, native to the Pacific. One way to fight this scourge is to eat it.

A Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, Clio Victorri participe à la préservation de son archipel. Après la surpêche, certains marins-pêcheurs se sont spécialisés dans le homard et s'efforcent de mieux préserver la ressource. Jonathan Janil expose un procédé novateur utilisé sur l'archipel pour le recyclage du verre.

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