Grand Angle Productions

Maritime mysteries, case closed

Major maritime disasters of the century, vessels that disappear mysteriously, suspicious fires… so many cases of naval and maritime enigmas that were considered closed. And yet, recent underwater archaeological discoveries, in combination with the emergence of new archives, are re-opening the investigations and bringing some dark secrets of the abyss back to the surface. And this collection takes us down the trail of these maritime mysteries.

In the light of these discoveries, history is gradually being rewritten. Each film follows the trail of some new, exciting inquiry… to finally reveal the secrets and the mysteries!

From the waters of the Mediterranean to the Pacific Ocean, from the depths of the Atlantic to the seabed of the Caribbean memories of human drama resurface in this passionate inquiry by our investigators of the sea.


Data sheet

Poster of Maritime mysteries, case closed

Directors : Herlé Jouon, Vincent Pérazio, Antoine Laura, Zoltan Moll, François Reinhardt 

Producers : Grand Angle Productions 

Co-producers : France Télévisions 

Country of production : France

Year : 2011

Format : HD

Duration : 5x52' & 10x26'