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Objective moon

Louis XIV’s ship La Lune was wrecked off Toulon in November 1664. The ship was returning from an expedition to the Barbary Coast with nearly one thousand people on board, simple seamen or nobles of the highest rank. In an instant all was lost, men and their belongings, the cargo and the ship. Under pressure from the Sun King and his entourage, who planned to conceal the disaster, La Lune was quickly forgotten.

Discovered by an Ifremer submarine in 1993, the wreck lies in 90 metres of water. In a state of magificent preservation, like some underwater Pompei, she will , starting in 2012, be the subject of an

exceptional archeological investigation, bringing together history and robotics, the expertise of archeologists and the passion for the deep. Michel L’Hour, whose renown in the domain of underwater archeology needs no introduction, invites us on an exceptional dive. Within a “real life format” of 90 minutes, he goes down, as if in a live broadcast, to the wreck of La Lune / The Moon, the flagship of Louis XIV. A wreck that he considers to be unique in the world…

Jury Prize winner of the 12th Amiens Archeological film Festival

Screenplay Prize winner of the 7th FILMAR of Hendaye



Data sheet

Poster of Objective moon

Director : Pascal Guérin & Herlé Jouon 

Producers : Grand Angle Productions 

Co-producers : ARTE 

Country of production : France

Year : 2013

Format : HD

Duration : 85'