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The dark side of green energies

Solar panels, wind turbines, electric cars… Green technologies are being deployed across the world to accelerate a necessary green energy transition. Fact is, GreenTechs do require metals such as copper, graphite, cobalt or lithium too. In Latin America and Asia, mining countries are already paying a heavy environmental and human price, while enabling the West's green energy transition. 

From the north of China to the Atacama desert in Chile, via the Bolivian salars, the United States, Norway, Switzerland and France, this global investigation reveals the hidden side of green energies, too often overlooked since industrial and political stakes are considerable. 

A worldwide investigation, revealing that the requirements to make a green energy transition equitable for us all remain undeniable as well. 

? Awards and selections 2021 ? 

  • Special prize, Deauville Green Awards 2021
  • Best Documentary Award, Cannes World Film Festival 
  • Best Documentary Award, Italia Green Film Festival
  • Best Documentary Feature, Social Awareness Award - Vegas Movie Awards 
  • Special Jury Award, Best Documentary Feature Film - Uruvatti International Film Festival 
  • Best Documentary Feature Film - Port Blair International Film Festival
  • Honorable Mention, Documentary Featurette - Los Angeles Film Awards (LAFA)
  • Best Documentary Featurette - Rome International Movie Awards
  • Best Feature Documentary - Milan Gold Awards
  • Best Documentary Feature - Oniros Film Awards® New York
  • Best Documentary - American Golden Picture International Film Festival
  • Honorable Mention - New York International Film Awards™ (NYIFA)
  • Best Documentary Feature - Golden Sparrow International Film Festival 
  • Official selection 2021 : Krakow Green Film Festival, Toronto Independent Film Festival of Cift, Sweden Film Awards, Cannes World Film Festival



Data sheet

Poster of The dark side of green energies

Directors : Jean-Louis Pérez, Guillaume Pitron 

Producers : Grand Angle Productions 

Co-producers : ARTE, RTBF, Public Sénat, ZDFinfo, RTVE, DPG Media 

Country of production : France

Year : 2020

Format : HD

Duration : 1h28

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