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The time factory

Controlling Time, one of Humanity's biggest obsessions. First, man began to calculate the observable phenomena of time using incredible astronomical measuring instruments. Calendars were born. Then, he sought to quantify ever more precise durations, with ever more sophisticated machines, in order to establish a social, conventional time, the same for all.

Today, this time, inscribed on our smartphones, is established by atomic clocks which have become the keystone of our digital world. Not without enormous industrial and economic challenges at stake.

Through what major technological breakthroughs have we succeeded in controlling time, to the point of being able to make its ultra-precise factory the foundation of our interconnected society ?

From France to Greece, through Italy, England, and Switzerland, a group of experts - astrophysicists, engineers and historians - follows in the footsteps of genius inventors who forged our perception of time and our relationship to the world. For better and for worse.

Broadcast on France 5   


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Poster of The time factory

Directed by Herlé Jouon

Written by Hugues Demeude 

Producer : Grand Angle Productions 

Co-producer : France Télévisions