Grand Angle Productions

Underwater feasts

Every year, Rob Torelli, famed spear fisherman from Melbourne, Australia, prepares for the opening of the abalone fishing season. In October the pressure mounts. He has to confront an obstacle of considerable size: the great white shark. Sabine is getting ready to join him, to share this unique and perilous moment. A few months later and a mere few cables lengths away, a fascinating spectacle is played out in secret below the water. Dozens, then hundreds and finally thousands of crabs gather together to assure their mutation. Sabine takes up a new challenge : make the rendezvous for this magical and exceptional event…

Data sheet

Poster of Underwater feasts

Director : Gil Kébaïli 

Producers : Grand Angle Productions 

Co-producers : France Télévisions 

Country of production : France

Year : 2012

Format : HD

Duration : 50’