A series for the whole family, but aimed especially at children between the ages of 4 and 9. Globul-X” the setting for action and discovery, alternates between Eliot’s daily adventures and adventures going on inside the human body with the “Globul-Xs”. Inside Eliot’s body, three super heroes, the Globul-Xs are on guard. And luckily so! Though Eliot is an endearing 7 year old boy, he does as he pleases and like all children his age he couldn’t care less about his health. Not so for the Globul-Xs!

Encouraged and guided by Tana, Eliot’s brain, Pac the red blood cell, Zef the platelet and Doxi the white blood cell, they confront nasty viruses, small cuts or plain old dust... meaning that everyday there are many fights to be fought or calamities to be contained to accomplish their mission!

AMIBITION: To offer in an edutainment format, a dynamic and attractive view of the effects inside the body during daily life via the “internal adventure”. Because of Eliot who refuses to protect himself from the sun, forgets to eat his breakfast or breathes in dust… the Globul-Xs have quite an adventure on their hands!


Data sheet

Poster of GLOBUL-X

Directors : Thierry Vilar, Guillaume Pérès 

Producer : InExVivo, 2d3D Animations, Grand Angle Productions, INPES

Co-producers : Planète Junior (Canal+)

Country of production : 

Year : 2008

Format : HD

Duration : 13x8'